Important Notice

Nomad Tea Soda will be discontinued.

Thank you for supporting Nomad Tea Soda.
We are always committed to providing solutions to the challenges that our customers face in all things tea. Sometimes we find there is no longer a high demand for certain innovations. Our remaining supplies do have a best by date approaching, but not to worry! This date is used to describe how long the product will maintain the best quality of flavor. Please note Classic Cola and Tropical Punch will be sold out soon.
Be sure to replenish your stock before October 31st while supplies last.

Soda Reimagined

Nomad is a tea soda concentrate that can serve as a healthier soda alternative. 
  • Fill a 16oz glass with ice and sparkling water with enough room for a 1 ounce pump of Nomad. Give it a gentle stir and enjoy!
  • Each serving contains half the amount of sugar than a traditional soda.
  • Enjoy a craft soda with all the benefits of tea.

Real Tea

We used all natural tea as a base for these beautiful concentrates. Our ingredients include Black tea for Classic Cola, Yerba Mate in Tropical Punch, Rooibos herbal tea in Orange Creamsicle, and Hibiscus flowers in Concord Grape. Enjoy all the health benefits of tea in a light, refreshing, bubbly soda.


Our 1oz pumps make it easy to portion different sized drinks. We recommend 1oz of concentrate for a 16oz drink. Feel free to experiment with a pump and a half or more to better suit your customers or menu needs. Use Nomad as the base for your next artisan cream soda if you're feeling adventurous!


No need for cleaning or machine maintenance that is typical when using a traditional soda program. Keep a bottle on your counter in a convenient space that makes it easy for you to pump, mix, and serve customers at an efficient rate. Nomad tea soda concentrates are shelf stable so no refrigeration is required.

Support where you need it

We've created these materials to assist you with sales and supply you with knowledgeable information of these concentrates.

For a brief description of Nomad, instructions, and contact information view our Sell Sheet. For product specs, pallet configuration, and ingredient information check our Spec Sheet. You can find our instructional video with everything you need to know and more using the Basic Training button. Label Graphics, Stickers, Posters, Photos, you name it! All the display images you will need are at your finger tips by using the Graphics button.

Yerba Mate








This is Nomad

No artificial flavors or sweeteners. 

Shelf Stable
No need to refrigerate. This concentrate can be stored right on your countertop.

11:1 Concentrate
Our familiar ratio makes mixing easy. Grab a 16oz glass, fill it with ice, add your base of choice with room for a 1oz pump of Nomad concentrate. Mix and enjoy!

We're Here To Help!

Can't find what you need? Give us a call, shoot us an email, or even schedule a video meeting if further information is required. We love to talk tea!