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Black Teas

Our black teas come from far-reaching corners of the globe, and each is carefully selected for its unique flavor profile. We’ve got a black tea to satisfy any preference, from our delicate, fruity apricot to our rich and smoky Lapsang Souchong. To further complement the tea and to appease the many tastes of drinkers, we have paired some of our best varieties with luscious fruits and exotic spices. No matter the hour or the purpose, you will find the perfect black tea within our collection.

Green Teas

We’ve selected a range of green teas to fit our every whim and craving-- from our sweet, grassy Sencha, to the fruity pomegranate mojito, to our silky, luxurious Jasmine varietals. And, since green tea goes with nearly anything, we have added nearly everything to it—fruits, flowers, herbs, nuts, and spices—anything that will accentuate the tea and twist up the flavor profile. You’ll find more than just a favorite in this collection; you’ll find the tea you want to take to bed at night and one to wake up with in the morning, a tea for every moment.

Herbal Teas

Our herbal blends come from a variety of different regions and from a variety of different plants. From bright, fresh peppermint, to sweet, silky honeybush, and our vibrant, punchy hibiscus, there is truly no limit to the flavors and types of herbs in our line of herbal teas. We created amazing blends mixed and matched with delicious fruits, flowers, and spices. These blends are short on caffeine but not short on flavor, for the consumers who need a caffeine-free option to avoid the jitters.

White Teas

Our white tea leaves have been hand-selected from the very tops of tea bushes in China and are minimally processed, to ensure that the leaf in your cup is as close as possible to the one on the bush. Look closely. These leaves are not cut, torn, or curled like other teas. The fine, silver down that covers them in nature has not been lost on its way to your kitchen. We pair these fine leaves with soft floral or fruit notes to compliment their delicate nature, rather than overpower it. Because with white tea, it’s all about the leaf, and less is certainly more.

Oolong Teas

Oolong tea, what's not love! You can get dark mahogany colored leaves with a rich, earthy flavor. Or a beautiful pale amber liquor that is a delicate, slightly sweet cup of tea. If oolongs had a sign, it would be Gemini. Of all the tea varieties, their nature is by far the most split. They can be as rich as black tea or as light as green tea, and true oolong fans appreciate all of their varied qualities. Each oolong in our line has been selected for its unique character and flavor profile, from the delicate, floral Magnolia Oolong to the dark, woodsy Formosa. Sip an oolong from each extreme—you’re sure to love its personality, no matter which you end up with.

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