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Maya Thai

Maya Thai

Just 1oz of concentrate is needed for a 12oz latte or a 16oz iced beverage. Each bottle contains up to 64 servings.

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Thai-Inspired Tea Concentrate

Typically, Thai food tends to turn up the heat and have a taste that's on the spicier side. That's why Thai tea compliments it so well! Thai tea lattes are such a unique and dessert-like treat that's spreading like wildfire among cafes and restaurants alike. We brought together the perfect combination of sweet, spicy, creamy, and earthy to bring you our take on Thai tea.

Includes All The Sugar You Need

Thai tea lattes are typically made with sweetened condensed milk. Our concentrated formula took care of that! Use Maya Thai with any unsweetened milk, milk substitute, or cream of your choosing. All the sweetness required for this drink is already a part of our formula, saving you extra ingredients and difficult mixing.

Bold Ingredients

We steeped together Anise, Ginger, Tamarind, Clove, and beautiful whole black tea leaves to create this delightful drink. Organic Cane Sugar is added to tie these together for a delectable cup.

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