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Reinventing Energy

Energy has been stereotyped in the beverage industry as a drink additive which is only recognized by its high caffeine content. We're going to create a new category here that allows the plant kingdom to work together to improve your mood, balance your day and provide you a healthy energy. Allow us to introduce Vibes. Let Vibes guide you to your best self.

Beverage Enhancers With Nuance

A New Energy Program

These Energy Elixirs are odorless and tasteless allowing them to blend seamlessly into any drink. No more crafting a beverage around heavily flavored energy syrup. Add a pump of Vibes to any finished cup to make it a functional refreshment.

Chill Vibes

There's plenty of options out there for if you need a boost, but what about relaxing? Maybe you're wound up and need to find aCHILLspace. This concentrate will help get you there.CHILLis not a sleep aid and won't cause drowsiness. Instead it will help keep you grounded and feeling emotionally refreshed.

Happy Vibes

A careful combination of extracts from the plant kingdom work together to help you breathe, reduce stress, and assist in releasing serotonin. Use this concentrate to help stabilize and restore your mood. Let HAPPY Vibes guide you to your HAPPY place.

Focus Vibes

Is your mind a little busy? Let's help you find your FOCUS. We balanced 50mg of caffeine with other plant extracts that work together to bring you a clean energy that won't cause anxiety or create burn out. FOCUS will push you past that 2 o'clock feeling so you can finish that checklist and clear your inbox to zero.

Moxie Vibes

Need extra pep in your step? MOXIE is here to help you hit the ground running. This energy elixir is loaded with 75mg of caffeine but combined with L-theanine and B12 to ensure a safe landing once the caffeine is burned. Let us help you find your MOXIE and stand out amongst the crowd.


Support Where You Need It

We've created these materials to assist you with sales and supply you with knowledgeable information of these concentrates.For a brief description of Maya Vibes, instructions, and contact information, view our Sell Sheet. For product specs, pallet configuration, and ingredient information, check our Spec Sheet. Label Graphics, Stickers, Posters, Photos, you name it! All the display images you will need are at your finger tips by using the Graphics button.


Reduce stress and improve your mood when you find your CHILL space


Plant extracts work together to help you find your HAPPY place


Perfectly balanced energy with no jitters or crashing helps you find your FOCUS


Kick it into high gear when you find your MOXIE

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