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Tea Shots are an easy to use concentrate that can serve as a base for a craft drink or serves well as a traditional glass of tea. There are no sweeteners,  artificial flavors or colors added. Just great tea.

  • Add to hot water for a warm cup of tea or pour over ice to serve a cold drink. Just 1oz of concentrate is needed for a 12oz hot tea or a 16oz iced beverage.

  • Use this concentrate to make a delicious tea latte, a sparkling refresher, or just a brilliant glass of traditional tea.

  • We eliminated the space and time of a brewer increasing the speed of service. Just pump, mix and serve!

Support where you need it

We've created these materials to assist you with sales and supply you with knowledgeable information of these concentrates.

For a brief description of Tea Shots, instructions, and contact information view our Sales Sheet.
For product specs, pallet configuration, and ingredient information check our Spec Sheet.
Label Graphics, Stickers, Posters, Photos, you name it! All the display images you will need are at your finger tips by using the Graphics button.

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