Maya Thai Sales Support

Commitment To Quality

Thai tea is quickly gaining popularity in coffee shops and restaurants alike. It's a delicious drink typically made with black tea, earthy spices and sweetened condensed milk. 
  • There are many variations of Thai tea out there but ours is a bit different. We created a liquid concentrate so there's no steeping involved in the process. 

  • There's no need for sweetened condensed milk. All of the sugar you need is already added to this concentrate!

  • We never stray from using quality ingredients that deliver the best taste. No artificial flavors or colors are added.

Support where you need it

We've created these materials to assist you with sales and supply you with knowledgeable information of this concentrate.

Sales Sheet

For a brief description of Maya Thai, instructions, and contact information view our sales sheet

Spec Sheet

For product specs, pallet configuration, and ingredient information check this document


Label Graphics, Stickers, Posters, Photos, you name it! All the display images you will need

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