Maya Vibes Happy

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If you've hit bumps in the road during the day we've got you covered! The plant extracts in HAPPY help stabilize and restore your mood. Add this elixir to any drink to help you find your best you. 

Environmentally Efficient: Save Space and waste as our highly concentrated formula contains 64 servings without opening a can. 

No Flavors or Sugars Added: A dose, 1oz can be added to any beverage without worry of diluting the taste of a crafted drink. 

Shelf Stable: Keep a bottle right on your counter to make it easy to serve with our pre-measured pump. 

Quantity: Single Bottle

How To Use Vibes

Learn all about them in this short video.

Beverage Enhancer

Say goodbye to over saturated, neon colored, crash and burn energy drinks. Say hello toVibes! These Energy Elixirs are drink elevators that when added to your drink are odorless and tasteless, allowing them to blend seamlessly into your favorite beverage. Use Vibes in your morning tea, smoothie or juice to add that extra lift to get you where you're headed.

Instant Refreshers

Infuse a shot of vibes into anything to craft an exceptional and functional energy boost. Whether it's a Chai Latte or one of our Tea Shots, elevate your refreshment experience with this unique revitalization program.

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