Tea Shots Green Tea

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No Flavors or Sugars Added: These concentrates are a perfect base for a crafted beverage or even a glass of traditional tea. 

Efficient: Eliminate the space and time it takes to brew amazing tea. Each bottle contains up to 64 servings. Our 1oz pump makes serving a breeze. 

Shelf Stable: Keep a bottle right on your counter to make it easy to pump, mix and serve. 

Versatile: Tea Shots pair well with your favorite flavor syrups. A snickerdoodle black tea latte, a sparkling passionfruit green tea refresher, or just a tropical hibiscus tea are only a few pumps away.

Ingredients: Brewed Green Tea (Filtered Water, Longjing, Jasmine Special Grade), Green Tea Extract, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate And Sodium Benzoate (To Preserve Freshness)

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Quantity: Single Bottle

How To Use Tea Shots

Learn all about them in this short video.

Real Tea, Instantly

Tea Shots are an easy to use concentrate that can serve as a base for a craft drink or serve well as a traditional glass of tea. There are no sweeteners, artificial flavors or colors added to these concentrates. Just great tea.

Instant Refreshers

Tea Shots are meticulously crafted for standalone enjoyment or infusion with a shot of Vibes, elevating the functionality of your refresher. Whether you seek a caffeine boost from Moxie or the soothing effects of chill, Tea Shots & Vibes create the ultimate refreshing experience.

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